I have been offering Tantric Massage sessions in New Zealand since February 2014. Here is what some of my clients have to say about my services:

Hey Sammy… still buzzing… still wearing a huge smile… without doubt, the best sexual / spiritual experience ever… thanks again. I feel like hugging the Universe… Please don’t mind me going on how mind blowing it was… I do have friends to share, but I don’t think anyone would understand or believe me – Danny

Hi Sammy, What a fantastic experience!!! No regrets I’ve tried it. My first ever Yoni massage – giving it a rating of 10/10 – Yvonne

Thanks so much Sammy, that was amazing and really helped with stress. Incredible the difference proper breathing makes. Amazing service, great girl!! See you again soon – Choppa

Sammy, thank you for this amazing experience. I had tantric massage in the past, but I never felt anything like it until your hands touched me. I can’t wait to see you again! – David

Thank you so much for letting me experience your amazing skills!!!! – Martin

Hi Sammy, great energy with you. Will be neat to get more… thank you so much.  – Allan

Hi Sammy, Really amazed at the experience – Neil

We didn’t want it to end! Thank you so much Sammy. One experience we will never forget! WE look forward to  to see you again soon – Patrick & Lynn

I look forward to hearing from you after our session. Please leave your testimonial below!

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