Premature Ejaculation Coaching


Wouldn’t it be nice to have control over your ejaculation instead of your mind having control on your behalf?
When you are unable to control your ejaculation, it usually means that you are caught up in your mind. Anxiety creeps in before you actually start, and that feeling takes over your body before you even remove your clothes.
By the time you are ready to penetrate, you are so caught up in the old stories in your head, that you end up completely disconnected from your body.

No wonder you are unable to choose when to ejaculate, as you are not aware of the signals your body is sending you.
What happens next, you ejaculate, feelings of shame, guilt, and unworthiness come in and you feel anything but good about yourself.
What if I told you that “premature” ejaculation can be easily reversed, but you need to do some groundwork first.
“In order to get to where you haven’t been before, you must be willing to do what you haven’t done before “.


Most people are so disconnected from their bodies and spend most of their time caught up in their heads. How can you tell your body to do something, when you are unable to feel it?
Using embodiment practices of breath, sound and movement, you will learn how to connect with your body, overcome the anxietybuild-upp, so you can choose when to ejaculate, and not allow your mind to sabotage your experience.

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Please contact me to find out more about how we can assist you in overcoming premature ejaculation. I look forward to working with you!